Le Basis Sciences SA is a company trading diverse agricultural commodities, providing investing and financial opportunities.

About us

The company’s main competencies are in the sphere of financing, consulting, investing, and trading of agricultural commodities.

From the beginning, having strong expertise in the capital and debt markets, the company opened a new activity chapter financing the agricultural sector since 2022. The company began its acquaintance with the market of trade in agricultural products with requests for financing from Ukrainian traders who faced liquidity restrictions in Ukraine.

Having assessed the available opportunities and risks based on existing expertise, the company opened the market for financing agricultural product traders and thus supported global logistics chains that found themselves in an uncertain state in 2022.

By cooperating with businesses, the company developed expertise in the trade of agricultural commodities. Therefore, the decision to become an independent player in this important market was an easy and logical further step of natural development.

Since 2022, the company's trading volume has amounted to 52 119 tons of commodities with a total turnover of 11 250 thousand EUR. The company continues to develop its capabilities in this direction and is open to cooperation with local producers of agricultural products, international companies and buyers of food and non-food agricultural products.
The company is constantly analyzing investment opportunities and will be glad to hear your proposals



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